Park Slope Education Complex

at Middle School 88

The iZone's School of One was created to generate bold, effective and transformative changes in the classroom to better meet the needs of today's students. Our first major engagement is a full-time math program in several New York City public middle schools. Read below to learn why — and how — School of One reimagines teaching and learning.
Every student has different needs

Each student comes to the classroom with a unique profile of abilities, knowledge and interests. Some do better when they can first try to figure things out on their own; others do better when a teacher can first provide an explanation. Some do best when they learn in groups; others do best with technology. Some are far ahead of grade level material; others are behind.

Traditional classroom design makes it too hard to personalize learning

In today's classrooms, it's just too hard for teachers to craft an educational experience that meets each student's unique needs—even though there is a large and growing amount of high-quality digital and live educational content available online and from publishers. Developing an individualized plan to meet each student's needs each day is unrealistic, even for our best teachers.

Last Modified on March 4, 2014