Park Slope Education Complex

at Middle School 88


The School for Medical and Health Careers


Goals and Objectives for the Medical House




The Medical House offers students the opportunity to learn through an integrated curriculum that includes literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science with a strong emphasis on science and health awareness.  Additionally, STEM learning is embedded throughout the curriculum through the use of our state-of-the-art science labs, which are equipped to provide student with project-based learning centered on bio-medical concepts.

The first goal of Medical is for students to acquire critical thinking and process skills. These skills incorporate logic, reasoning, and problem solving, as well as comprehension, inferring, authentic research, inquiry based learning, experimentation and cooperative group work. Focus is placed on the integration of reading and writing strategies into all subject areas. The health curriculum will be a motivating force that creates opportunities for active and meaningful learning as students acquire both basic skills, and higher order thinking skills.
Once students acquire skills, they proceed to the next goal of Medical. This goal is the application of skills and knowledge through project-based learning led by interdisciplinary, collaborative teaching. Participation in partnerships with community-based organizations will foster an environment that allows for the application of these skills.


The culminating goal of the Medical House is for students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired to produce projects, and participate in internships with community hospitals and health facilities.  Students will be introduced in 8th grade science courses to units based in forensics and genetics and have the opportunity to present at STEM/STEAM fairs.

Ultimately, as students move through the three-year cycle of the Medical and Health Careers house, they will be prepared to enter one of the specialized science and math high schools in order to continue on the trajectory towards a career in the medical/health profession.


To ensure that the goals of Medical can be met successfully, the following objectives menu has been carefully planned and put into place for the 2015-16 school year:


1.     Students take a tiered cycle of medical and health-related classes: 


a.        6th Grade: Students in science class will follow an introductory health curriculum that teaches awareness of both mind and body.  Students will participate in trips that support the health curriculum and theme of the house, as they promote health, fitness and nutrition.  All 6th graders participate in the Iron Will Kids program which provide students with the nutritional know-how to make informed lifestyle choices. 


b.       7th Grade: Students will focus on specific areas of the body with an emphasis on structure and purpose.  Students will begin participating in partnerships with community-based organizations. Students will engage in an inquiry-based research projects in conjunction with partnerships with NYU-Engineering and Discovery Education. 


c.       8th Grade: Students will continue to focus on specific areas in health and wellness. Block scheduling will be offered for a health majors and 8th graders will work with CBOs to participate in internships with community hospitals and health organizations. Comprehensive projects will be part of an 8th grade portfolio that highlights the emphasis of health and awareness in all subject areas.